How Skyrider was born

December 2011

A group of experts in the field of helicopter aviation, decided to produce a two-seat helicopter that would satisfy the desires each of them had. They wanted to introduce to the industry, a new light helicopter different from some of the famed but now out-dated helicopters that to date, represent the supply side of the market. 

Everyone within the group brought with them, a large quantity of experience and a great desire to produce a new, beautiful, highly technological helicopter.



  • The pilots brought their own precise ideas about how the new helicopter should perform : simple and fluid in flying, solid and durable, with advanced air penetration, but not only a 'race car'. They wanted a helicopter perfect for recreation, but with possible applications in reconnaissance, fire control, instruction, rescue, and aerial photography as well.


  • The technicians brought forth new ideas to eliminate some problems plaguing the previous helicopter generation which continue to be a sore point in aviation. For example: the rotor drive belts. There were also innovative ideas on how to improve the collective and cyclic movements and their respective controls. At the same time, the engineers desired a fast, powerful aircraft, but with low power/fuel consumption while using high octane automotive gas, reducing the need for avgas.


  • The designers created a new shape that could be only be made through very specific techniques using composites, carbon fibre and wind tunnels.


  • For better flying conditions, the rotor system incorporates a three blade system with specific characteristics. The person responsible for this delicate area, was a technician/engineer and at the same time, a true artist who has shaped and made the blades. He  has achieved the best results by giving  a ”hook in the sky” blade that makes this helicopter unique.


  • All of these factors have created a magical alchemy coming together in 12 months, using the latest 3D technologies and the best machinery. The result is this beautiful helicopter that has now been flying since early 2013 and is called the SKT SKYRIDER. 


After achieving the desired technical results, there was still one thing to do after all of their efforts and investments of time and money: They needed a strong company to both develop a sound business plan and begin a continuous production line of their newly created helicopter.



At the end of June 2013, a Swiss group took over the whole project and formed: 



(Swiss  Kopter Techology)


Regular  Production started in January 2014